Postman altered cheques court hears him say: « I did not send them

Postman altered cheques court hears him say: « I did not send them. They are sent to you. »

Police found a third cheque with a different number written on the back in a letter from another sender.

The police investigation revealed that police were called to Mr Adams’s home in the morning with concerns about an outstanding summons.

He was refused entry and, when he arrived, no police officers were present.

Adams was arrested at the scene and charged with receiving false information to obtain a summons by deception.

The full details of the summons were handed over to his solicitor, Michael McAlpin, who said it contained « a lengthy list of charges relating to breaches of the peace, intimidation of an employee and offences of theft.

« He has now been bailed and will appear in court on 17 February 2016. »

In an emailed statement, Mr 카지노 사이트Adams’s solicitor said the family members of the victims of the assault had requested the public’s help to raise $2,300 for their legal fees.

He said the family had been devastated by the allegations and described the matter as a « troubling case ».

‘Serious allegations’

The family members, who are not being named, said they were told the police had launched an investigation and that Adams is due in court on Tuesday to plead not guilty.

Adams denies receiving the alleged cheques and will have his bail conditions changed if he so wishes.

He was born in England, raised in New Zealand, went on tapronxo study medicine, and is a member of the Church of England, where he is now serving as a parish priest.

Adams’s lawyer suggested that as the summons related to a breach of the peace, the charge of theft to secure money could have been charged instead.

A police spokesman said that the man arrested over the incident바카라 was carrying no identification and refused to allow police into his home.

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