First suspect to be charged over uk attacks on British expat in Yemen

First suspect to be charged over uk attacks on British expat in Yemen

By Chris Marshall

21 May 2013

On Thursday, three members of a British aid-agency were arrested for conducting activities in Yemen and plotting attacks at British targets.

The trio were arrested as jarvees.compart of an international sweep coordinated by the UK’s MI5 security services, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Royal Military College of Australia (RMC), led by the former Special Branch boss, Craig Murray.

The men are suspected of planning to carry out attacks against Western interests and British interests abroad in the name of Islamic jihad in the impoverished central African nation of Yemen. One of the men arrested was described by sources within the U.K.’s intelligence services as being a member of the so-called « London cell ».

The raid comes a day after British media reported that al-Qa’ida members had received a package containing instructions on the use of explosives delivered to « an Islamic jihadist operative » in Yemen.

The package was addressed to Ahmed al-Youssef al-Britani and contained instructions about how to construct a bomb concealed in a container that could be transported to the United Kingdom. The contents of the package were confirmed by sources inside the Intelligence Services, but no other details were offered. The U.K. security services have declined to comment on the allegations.

It is understood that al-Britani arrived in Yemen late last year. He was given a temporary visa and allowed to return to the U.K. for his own personal safety. On Saturday, al-Britani was arrested in the southern Yemeni province of al-Baydah. The British consulate in Yemen denied being involved in the seizure of the package.

As a result 더킹카지노of the raid, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Thursday confirmed that it had conducted an investigation into the case of British nationals Ahmad al-Qa’ida and Ahmed Shaim al-Britani, both British and Iranian nationals with links to al-Qa’ida. Both are currently being held in jail after attempting to travel to Yemen from the U.K. The U.K. has arrested approximately 15 al-Qa’ida members since 2008 as part of its investigation into links to the group, which has been designated as a terrorist organisation by various international authorities.

On Wednesday, two al-Qa’ida members, who were reportedly linked to the London gang, travell바카라ed to their native Yemen to conduct « an operation aimed at recruiting British nationals to fight al

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