Hospital support workers step up industrial action

Hospital support workers step up industrial action

The workers want to sSM 카지노ecure a pay increase of 50 per cent, to compensate them for the decline in industrial job offers.

There are also concerns about the growing number of industrial jobs in areas including the City, which has an average of 500 industrial workers each, and the South East, where 600 industrial workers work every day.

The union said that many companies were employing more than half their staff as industrial contractors.

It has also reported that many of the factories had reduced the number of jobs they offered after contracting out.

In a letter to a council worker, members of the S&D workforce said they faced a « catastrophe » and called for a minimum living wage of £9.50 an hour.

They called for a £10.60 living wage, based on a maximum weekly rate of £16.76, an increased pay rate and recognition파라오 카지노 of overtime hours.

The union also said it had witnessed a growing use of low quality building materials as a way of reducing the level of workers in these factories.

‘Beware of corporate greed’

Speaking at the launch of the action, S&D Unite director Mike Waddell said the industrial action threatened to undermine morale, jobs and the confidence of workers.

« In some cases, it’s been quite clear that workers have come to this understanding that they can’t trust any company with their safety or livelihood because this is their corporate ambition, » he said.

A S&D union member from north London, who gave his name only as James, said: « I don’t trust them and they’ve really put me off buying the new products because that’s what they want me to buy. It can’t get any w세종출장샵orse.

« There are a lot of people that have been laid off and there are people that may have gone into industry work, that have come away and gone on to become factory operators again.

« A lot of it is because of that industrial contract – they want to keep people at home and you’ve got to fight them off. »

At a press conference yesterday, S&D Unite industrial action committee member Neil McAlpine said workers in Manchester and London, where the city of Havering is based, had faced significant job losses.

« We’ve received over 200 cases in these last week alone. We’re now running out of things to sell, including hand-hewn goods and raw material for production, » he said.

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