Tougher biosecurity calls are in progress on rail tracks in New Jersey

Tougher biosecurity calls are in progress on rail tracks in New Jersey.

That’s especially worrisome for Amtrak, since federal officials say their tracks are routinely subjected to trackside testing, which could result in trains and vehicles hitting steel walls.

« I think what Amtrak has been emphasizing for years is that they have zero tolerance for that kind of activity, » said Brian Wahlquist, vice president of research and engineering for the nonprofit engineering firm JLS Partners. « They think we are on their turf. »

Even if train tracks in North Jersey do not face the same safety risks as they do rail lines in Florida and Texas, they do present a potential safety issue, since railroads and freight lines are not the same.

In Florida, the state Department of Transportation says its trains are far less likely to slip after colliding with concrete slabs or other obstacles, particularly at railhead stations. Federal inspectors say Florida’s track integrity standards were met in 2012.

Wahlquist said the federal agency was unable to quantify a safety risk from Amtrak’s trackside testing. He said ra바카라ilroads and freight service companies should start making more frequent training videos about how to avoid such occurrences.

Railroads and freight service companies have complained that the federal government did not put out a public-safety advisory about the practice of railside testing that was issued in late 2014.

« They should have done more about public-safety safety, » said John O’Donnell, an engineer and former train engineer with the South Jersey Transportation Authority. « I think they could have been a little more careful about how they were communicating the information. »

When officials at Southern Pacific railroad began train-side testing at stations in the summer of 2011, they did not realize that rail tracks were often left exposed to concrete slabs. « A lot of people assume that they’re not supposed to touch anything, » said Da바카라사이트n O’Shaughnessy, director of public and public-safety for Southern Pacific, a division of United Technologies Corp.

Officials at Southern Pacific say they’ve taken steps to improve their work-life balance, like getting employees to wear protective shoes.

« We need to be much more aware of railside testing, » O’Shaughnessy s우리카지노aid.

Railroad spokeswoman Andrea Seifer noted that Southern Pacific has the highest percentage of its fleet using the new technology known as « double track » in all of the North American railroads. The company also has a partnership with two companies, DART and New York-based Cu

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