Gene diversity no guarantee for devils

Gene diversity no guarantee for devils. » That may be true for many of the species that live in the New World but, as an evolutionary biologist, there is no way to measure or even know for 바카라사이트sure.

This is where the fossil record can be of help. The oldest known evidence of devils—known as the « dinosaur record »—was established in 1987 by the discovery of fossil remains in southern Germany, where these바카라사이트 fossils are known as Eocene-Pleistocene bremontid worms (known as dolichodonts). Most modern devils have been found in the Middle East.

In a recent study, published in Scientific Reports, researchers at the University of Bristol found that in the region where modern devils now live—Western Europe—there was more variation in the skull size of devil species than in other parts of the world, including many other vertebrates, including mammals.

« That finding is really a huge deal for evolutionary biology—especially now we have something to work with that is 100 million years old, » said John Hughes, lead author of the study and an evolutionary biologist at the University of Bristol.

But despite the differences in devil skull size, these teeth were quite similar in every study—one in the 1970s was nearly as thick as another. These are all consistent with the fact that these animals were carnivores and had huge teeth for eating mammals or large reptiles.

« They had pretty good tooth size, » Hughes said, « but that does not mean that they used teeth that are the kind we find on mammals or reptiles. »

If this is so, then devils were more primitiv더킹카지노e creatures—at least as far back as they can remember. The skull differences in the fossil records from Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East may have been the result of how devils lived in these regions at the end of the Paleozoic—the period between 66 million to 70 million years ago.

According to Hughes and colleagues, this may be the most complete picture of the evolution of carnivores since they started studying them over a century ago. This is particularly true for the Middle East as well, which is home to more than 90% of modern-day devils—many of which were thought to be closely related to present-day bears.

Hughes and his colleagues say there is more evidence for this early evolution that they can gather if the ancient fossil remains are carefully analyzed. « We think the oldest dinosaur fossils are from the Middle East, and that’s what we need to look at, » said Hughes

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